Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi


Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University Scientific Research Project (March-2010)

Project Title:Determination of General Composition and Protein Profile of Goat, Sheep and Bovine Milk Used in Production of Ezine Cheese


      It has been found out that the researches and published articles on goat and sheep milk, when compared to bovine milk, are less limited. It is known that the compositions of goat and sheep milk vary depending on factors such as animal breed, location, and way of nutrition, age and seasonal changes. In addition, because of their physicochemical and technological properties the components of goat and sheep milk differ from bovine milk. In the hinterland covering the towns of Ezine, Bayramiç and Ayvacik goat, sheep and bovine milks are collected by the dairies that produce Ezine cheese with the particular ratio of the aforementioned milk types.

      The composition, especially the protein profiles should have to be known in order to determine whether the Ezine cheese is prepared with the exact required ratio of the milk types as well as the formation of the standards and the production control of the Ezine cheese. It is well known that milk proteins affect the renneting properties of milk as well as the formation of the rheological and aroma properties of cheese. There is no report in the literature about the general composition, pH and acidity as well as the protein profiles and protein genetic variants of the goat, sheep and bovine milk produced in the region. In this context, the systematic sampling, at regular periods from different villages, of the milk of different animal strains will be of significance in revealing the characterization of milk and also will present the seasonal changes in milk properties.

      It is aimed the determination of general composition and properties and protein profiles of milks of different goat, sheep and bovine breeds in Ida mountain region with this project. It will be determined fat, protein, total nitrogen and total solids contents, density, titratable acidity, pH and protein profile and protein genetic variants of the milk samples collected with systematic sampling.